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Where am I? - United States Part 26

Updated: May 30, 2023

1, Do you know where the largest outdoor rodeo in the United States is located?

This event gathers over an impressive 200,000 visitors coming every year.

2. This state is also home to over 1,000 dinosaur fossils (1,118) which is the second most in the United States.

3. This state is home the world's first ever national park (1872).

4. It is also home the first national monument in the United States (1906).

5. With an altitude at 7,220 ft (2,201 m) this state is home to the

highest football stadium in North America which is also it's only one.

6. This state is also home to the highest altitude lake in

North America with an elevation of 7,732 ft (2,357 m)

7. Surprisingly, despite being landlocked this states has over 35 islands.

8. This state's name comes from the local Native American language meaning "on the big plain".

9. Believe it or not this state is home to the largest mineral hot

springs in the United States spanning across 370 ft. (112.8m)

10. If you love geysers then this state is the place to be. Not only it is also

home to 500 geysers which is two-third's of world's geysers. It also has

the world's largest geyser with eruptions going over 300 ft (91m) tall.

The correct answer was:

Hope you enjoyed the beautiful pictures and fun facts!

Check in next Friday and find out which state I'll do next.

Have a wonderful day!

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Comments (4)

Sep 13, 2023

Lots of fun facts! I couldn't find the answer until the big reveal. Thanks Victor!


Apr 01, 2023



Feb 07, 2023

Hello Victor, I love it. This is so original and interesting ! A wonderful way to travel!


Dec 07, 2022

Hello Victor, I really like your virtual voiyages

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