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Where was I? - Europe Part 3

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

1. Did you know that the oldest constitution was written all the way back in the year 1600?

2. Even more surprising this country has been a constitutional republic

for 1000 years before it was written (301) which is also the oldest of its kind.

3. One unique thing you'll see in this country is it is home to the only Shinto shrine in Europe.

4. It is also the only country to name a former United States president as an

honorary citizen. In fact a bust of him can be found inside its parliament building.

5. Although known for its limited size, it is the smallest country to be home to a UNESCO site.

6. It is also the smallest country to win a medal at the Olympics, in fact it has won 3.

7. This country is in fact the smallest country not located an island.

8. Surprisingly enough since becoming independent it has never been invaded.

9. This is likely due to the fact this country is mostly located on a mountain.

10. This country used to be an Italian city state while all the other ones chose to

reunify with Italy in 1861 it was the only one who chose to remain independent.

The correct answer was: SAN MARINO!!!

Hope you enjoyed the beautiful pictures and fun facts!

Check in next Friday and find out which country I'll do next.

Have a wonderful day!

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Comments (4)

Sep 13, 2023

Lots of fun facts! I couldn't find the answer until the big reveal. Thanks Victor!


Apr 01, 2023



Feb 07, 2023

Hello Victor, I love it. This is so original and interesting ! A wonderful way to travel!


Dec 07, 2022

Hello Victor, I really like your virtual voiyages

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