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Hello Everyone - News for 2024

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

Hello everyone, it's been a fun year sharing my blog with you all. Hope you had fun!

Here are few things I wanted to update you on going forward

1) The next series for Where am I? will be in this order: Europe, Africa, Asia and

Rest of the World (so Oceania and the Americas, excluding the United States)

2) I am not including the United States since I largely covered it, but also won't include countries such as Monaco, Singapore and the Vatican City since they are all city like states so pictures aren't

as exciting. I will also include "countries" such as Palestine and Taiwan among all the other ones. This includes splitting the United Kingdom into four separate countries (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland). (Transcontinental countries will be arranged in the section where they are most referred to i.e. Cyprus will be in Europe but Armenia in Asia)

3) Most exciting of all, I will start by doing Atypical Adventures where I will be doing

a more generic photo blog by highlighting beautiful things (some that I may have mentioned in the Where am I) you can see across different states, countries, cities, territories and more!!! I will be posting this every Mondays to get you through the week.

Hope you stay here for a while

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Comments (4)

Sep 13, 2023

Lots of fun facts! I couldn't find the answer until the big reveal. Thanks Victor!


Apr 01, 2023



Feb 07, 2023

Hello Victor, I love it. This is so original and interesting ! A wonderful way to travel!


Dec 07, 2022

Hello Victor, I really like your virtual voiyages

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