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Where am I? - United States Part 23

1. Did you know that there are only three rivers in the world which flow

in the opposite direction? Between the two located in the United States

this state is home to the longest one with a length of 430 miles (692 km).

2. This state's name is the English translation of the Native American saying

meaning "River Running Through a Red Place" referring to the nearby river.

3. This state is also home to the world's first ever hydroelectric power station (1882).

4. If you love hamburger and sundaes, you'll be surprised to know that sundaes were first invented there as well as it also houses the unofficial hamburger Hall of Fame.

5. Although this state currently uses one like other states, but it has a total FIVE capitol buildings.

6. Although they don't play in the MLS due to being an indoor soccer team, this state

is home to the oldest soccer club in the United States which was created in 1984.

7. Over the Big 4 leagues, there are 124 sports teams however

this state's is home to the only one of them is owned by its fans.

8. This team is also playing in the smallest city (107,015) to host a Big 4 team, it is also home to the oldest franchise in its league to not have moved since being created in 1919.

9. This state is next to the world's largest freshwater lake by

surface area spanning over 31,700 sq. miles (82,103 sq. km)

10. If you love water parks then you'll be happy to know that this state houses the most water parks found in the same area which is where you'll also find the biggest one in the United States.

The correct answer was:

Hope you enjoyed the beautiful pictures and fun facts!

Check in next Friday and find out which state I'll do next.

Have a wonderful day!

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Comments (4)

Sep 13, 2023

Lots of fun facts! I couldn't find the answer until the big reveal. Thanks Victor!


Apr 01, 2023



Feb 07, 2023

Hello Victor, I love it. This is so original and interesting ! A wonderful way to travel!


Dec 07, 2022

Hello Victor, I really like your virtual voiyages

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