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Where am I? - United States Part 25

1. In an ever so connected world there are some places called "quiet zones" where radio waves are limited. This means no wifi or cellphones. This state is home to the biggest one in the United States spanning an area of 13,000 sq. miles (slightly less than 34,000 sq. km)

2. Another relaxing first is that this state is home to the first spa in the United States.

3. Believe it or not, this state is the THIRD most forest covered state and the

most located outside New England with 78.1% of the state covered by the forest.

4. This state is home to the world's longest steel arch bridge

located outside of China spanning over 518 m (1,699 ft).

5. Another large structure found in this state is that its home to the second

biggest hand cut masonry building in the world after the Kremlin.

6. This state is also home to the world's only house entirely made up of coal.

7. With a surface area of 24,230 sq. miles (62,755 sq. km)

this state is the smallest that has a national park.

8. This state is home to a secret bunker which used to serve as a

backup for the US Capitol in case Washington DC gets invaded.

9. This also home to the deepest bunker in the US. Although it's location is reserved it is buried 720 ft (219.5 m) underground and has an area of 112,544 sq. ft (10,456 sq. m).

10. Did you know that the Appalachian Mountains spans across 13 states?

Of the 13, this state is the only one located entirely inside this mountain range.

The correct answer was:

Hope you enjoyed the beautiful pictures and fun facts!

Check in next Friday and find out which state I'll do next.

Have a wonderful day!

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Comments (4)

Sep 13, 2023

Lots of fun facts! I couldn't find the answer until the big reveal. Thanks Victor!


Apr 01, 2023



Feb 07, 2023

Hello Victor, I love it. This is so original and interesting ! A wonderful way to travel!


Dec 07, 2022

Hello Victor, I really like your virtual voiyages

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